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Considered the highest award in the world, the Nobel Prize is awarded annually to individual achievers or organisations for their masterpieces that add to the lives of people around the world.

Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist, was born on October 21, 1833, the son of businessman Emmanuel Nobel. He took a keen interest in science from an early age, learning the trade secrets from his father and setting up an ammunition factory at a young age. He established the Intensive Research Road for ammunition and carried out intensive research on ammunition. In that day, a chemical called “nitroglycerin” was used as an important powerful explosive. Many explosions occurred from time to time as Ain was too dangerous to handle the material.

Nobel Prize

Alfred, along with his brothers, continued to do intensive research to avoid this danger. The amazing answer to this was discovered in 1867 by the discovery that a soil called “Kieselguhr” could absorb nitroglycerin.

The finding is that the mixture is safe to handle after drying. There were many obstacles for him to put this into practice. Several people, including his brother, died in an explosion during a series of investigations into the discovery. Undeterred by the tragedy and setbacks caused by the Swedish government’s ban on ammunition research, Alfred offered a number of explanations to other scientists and the government to make them aware of its dangers and various uses. He gave the name to this mixture. Through this he gained great fame and immense wealth. Alfred Nobel was hailed by the people as the “King of Dynamite“.

In addition, he invented many techniques in various fields such as leather and synthetic manufacturing. He died on December 10, 1896. At that time he owned 93 factories. This is the story of the birth of the Nobel Prize, in which he said that the wealth he left behind should be used only in his will and the proceeds from his wealth for the benefit of mankind throughout the year.

Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize

The Nobel Prizes have been awarded since 1901 to physicists, chemists or physicists who have excelled in the five fields of literature and world peace. In addition, the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences has been awarded by the Swedish National Bank since 1969 as the “Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize“.
The six Nobel Prizes are awarded annually on December 10, Alfred Nobel Memorial Day. Recipients will receive a gold medal, a certificate and a cash prize. The prize giving ceremony is held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Priests are selected by various groups and members of the Norwegian Parliament by members of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, and former Nobel laureates are nominated for the prize by eminent scientists and scholars. From these the prize-winners are selected. It is noteworthy that no individual applies directly for the prize. Sometimes the prize for the same field is shared by two or three people and the prize for some fields may not be awarded that year due to the lack of a qualified person.

The following is an important passage from which Alfred Nobel mentioned in his will. “There should be no discrimination in the selection of the recipient, including nationality: the merit of being the inventor of what is considered a masterpiece in the invention of the good of society …….

he Nobel Prize, which began in 1901 and celebrated its centenary in 2001, is an event that adds pride to human society.

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