Nobel Prize In Physiology and Medicine – 2020

Nobel Prize In Physiology and Medicine – 2020, The Greek physician “Hippocrates” is praised as “father of medicine.” He had laid the foundation stake in the development of the field by writing several important scientific notes on medicine 2000 years ago. It is noteworthy that the pledge of medical graduates to this day – the promise of Hippocrates – was made by him.

Ayurvedic medicine, used in India for over ‘three thousand years’, means “Ayurveda” and “Veda” means knowledge. So Ayurveda means “knowledge of life“. Today, Ayurveda is the second most popular medicine after homeopathy.

Physiology and Medicine

Sarkar, an Ayurvedic expert from India, was born over 2000 years ago, who gave the world the basics of genetics on the same day, for example, explaining the features that determine whether a child to be born is male or female. Hereditary disorders such as blindness in a child. Parents knew it was caused by a defect in the ovum or sperm, a fact that is widely accepted today.

Physiology and Medicine

Sushruta from India is revered as the father of plastic surgery. He invented an artificial nose 2500 years ago. Cataract surgeon’s method was used by English physicians in the 18th century and spread around the world.

Homeopathic medicine developed in Germany in the early 10th century is used by more than one million physicians in India today. It is noteworthy that there are 138 homeopathic colleges in India. The College of Homeopathy and Hospital, established in Calcutta in 1881, is the oldest and largest in India.

Prafulla Chandrare is hailed as the father of modern chemistry in India, who in 1896 developed a nerve-strengthening drug compound from animal bone waste. He started the Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in our country (Bengal) physiology and medicine nobel prize winners 2020 .

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